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I'm Sarah, and this is the space I'm alloted to convince you how witty, artsy, hip, charming, or alluring I am, while refusing to make sense and/or raping the English language with an apparent lack of grammar. 21 years young. Interests include (but are not limited to) American Romantic literature, Star Wars, my unwritten novel, and upsetting my very wonderful mother with the odd colors in my hair. College. Nerdfighteria. No umbrellas, please.

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Butt butt butt

"I hear some of you complaining “women always say they want a nice guy.” I know lots of women — I’m even related to a few — and I can’t say I’ve ever heard any of them say that. I can’t prove it, but this sounds like one of those things stand-up comedians say about women and everyone else just repeats. I’ve also never known a woman who cries when she breaks a nail — although I’ve known a few who swear like a 15-year-old sailor in jail — and I’ve never had a woman ask me if her outfit made her look fat unless she actually wanted and subsequently appreciated my opinion. So either I’ve stumbled upon a secret trove of women who aren’t passive-aggressive sob machines, or you need to stop mistaking Dane Cook routines for peer-reviewed sociological studies."